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Modern man is the first in history not to come out every day. If you think about that….. and yet many people have a desire to make a deeper connection with nature. But it seems like we don’t know how to do that anymore. It’s like we don’t have the knowledge anymore. We look at our ancestors, try to imitate their knowledge and skills and imagine that we then effortlessly become one with nature. But then comes the illusion, it doesn’t work.

There’s something missing. Something that our ancestors seamlessly intertwined in their lives and lost along the way. The absence of this factor makes us sick, stressed and devastating for our planet.

‘Faith in Nature’ is a course in which Nature occupies a central place between heart and soul. It is a journey in which you practice and learn ‘old knowledge’, such as nature skills, rituals, dealing with elements, hand crafts, traditional ways to maintain your own balance, find peace. You will create a toolkit with your own personal shaman tools that preserve your spiritual skills and mental resilience.

The reason why this ancient knowledge and skills are so important is that we are the first people to live in concrete and man-made structures, cut off from nature. In addition, hardly anyone is rooted in traditions that support and feed in the field of religion, faith, spiritual exercises, ceremonies, magic, stories, songs or legends.

Science and technology are the new gods. And they are valuable and give us knowledge and many answers. But science can’t heal a broken heart, soothe grief, calm your soul, or show you the path you can walk. It cannot connect you to the web of life, make you resilient or connect with the world of animals. Nature can do this, effortlessly….. through the ancient ways that connect your heart and soul with nature.

‘Faith in Nature’ is about experiencing the connection with nature on both a physical and mental level. You will experience this in a powerful and practical way and at the same time a spiritual, gentle way. Practical bushcraft skills support us in everything we do. You will learn about fire, food, trees and plants, about shelter and protection, about reading animals and spores. But this time we’re going further and deeper. You’re going to make and collect your own spiritual objects. You will gain knowledge about traditional rituals, and experience what it is like to work with ceremonies. You’re going to learn to live in harmony with nature. You will learn about the wisdom of the ‘elsewhere’, their healing songs or stories with lessons. You will learn about the power of (sacred) plants and you will work with force animals, the elements, ‘tribes’ and ancestors.

This course consists of 11 weekends and is 1 year round.
Every month we meet on a Friday night. You can pitch your tent, enjoy the forest and the camp fire. Saturdays and Sundays are full days of classes. Every weekend has its own theme. At the end of the course you can join us on a trip to Scotland for 1 week.
This week is optional but decided in the price. If you come with us, you only have additional travel costs to and from Scotland. In the Scottish wilderness, you can take part in a traditional Sweatlodge ceremony and Vision Quest. There is plenty of time to find your connection with nature in beautiful wild Scotland.


To give you an idea of the content of the course, there is an overview of the topics per weekend. Every weekend there will be attention for ‘Story’; the wisdom transmitted through stories. Some of the terms below cannot be translated into Dutch and therefore retained as an English term. It is also possible that certain terms are new or unknown. We cordially invite you to ask your questions, for example during one of the introductory evenings.

No prior knowledge is required for this training. During the training you will be stimulated to discover and stimulate your own wisdom under expert guidance. However, we ask you to bring an ‘open learning attitude’. By this we mean the combination of curiosity & positivity. We ask you to be open to the unknown, to go on a journey and to be guided through experience to the knowledge and wisdom of humanity and our ancestors.

Week 1: Smudgen, smoke and intent

  • Introduction to Animism, Shamanism and Practical Earth Wisdom
  • Vision of our ancestors on plants and energy
  • The ‘Plant People’
  • The purpose of smudging (cleaning by means of smoke)
  • Plants with power
  • Creating smudge bundles
  • Grow your smudge herbs.
  • Smudge fan or feather
  • Smudging places, people and objects

Week 2: The Medicine Wheel, World Map

  • Finding meaning in the world
  • The Stone People
  • Guardians of the ‘directions’
  • Spirit Keepers
  • The wheel as an altar
  • The wheel as a teacher; everything is connected to everything
  • Laying a Medicine Wheel
  • Create your personal wheel
  • ‘Be’ with the wheel
  • Working with the ‘directions’; ‘prayer’, smudgen

Week 3: Invisible Worlds, “Seeing is believing?”

  • ‘Capture’ intention and energy
  • The ‘Wind and Air People’
  • Sleeping and dreaming
  • Shamanic Seeing
  • Dreambundles
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Dream Journal
  • Interpreting signals
  • The unconscious
  • The dark and death

Week 4: ‘Travel’; Pathways to knowledge

  • The purpose and history of Shamanic Journeys
  • Routes to the other worlds
  • healing
  • Three worlds of the shaman
  • Helpers & Totems
  • Travel Journal
  • How to go on a shamanic journey
  • Meet your power animal/guide
  • Working with force animals.
  • Travelling alone
  • Travelling with or for someone else
  • Making a drum and drumstick

Week 5: Medicine bundle; Carrying symbols with you

  • The ‘Animal People’
  • Working with maps and divination
  • Totems and Drawing
  • “Fetishes”
  • Making a totem out of bone
  • Making large and small medicine bundles
  • Tanning leather / skins
  • The art of tracking / reading
  • The emotional intelligence of animals
  • Eating and killing animals

Week 6: Fire, Element 1

  • Old and new techniques of making fire
  • All-energizing energy
  • Where does the fire live?
  • Collecting and mixing fire
  • Making a holy fire
  • Cleaning with fire
  • Sun, Grandfather
  • Ceremonies with fire
  • Light and heat

Week 7: Water; Element 2

  • vitality
  • patience
  • Crystals and intentions
  • ‘Rain Spirits’, swamps and springs
  • Traveling water, clouds
  • Water ceremony
  • Collecting and Mixing water
  • Power, eternal circulation

Week 8: Earth, Element 3

  • Mother Nature
  • Earth, rock and roots
  • Identifying plants and forces
  • Death and birth
  • nourish
  • Sweat lodge
  • Potluck and working with gifts

Week 9: Air, Element 4

  • Sound, wind and music
  • prayers
  • smoke
  • breath
  • Seeing spaces and auras.
  • listen
  • Messages from the wind
  • Protection against invisible forces
  • Making your own ratchet
  • Songs and chants.

Week 10; Tree People, silent guards

  • Wisdom of the trees and recognizing them
  • Be quiet, attentive and in one place
  • ‘His’ versus ‘do’
  • Connections to your roots and branches
  • Tree of life
  • Totem poles
  • Spoons to feed the ancestors
  • Cutting a holy spoon
  • Recognizing trees
  • Driftwood, travel wood

Week 11: Bones: What’s left

  • Collecting the bones
  • Recognizing bones
  • Guardians of history
  • Predicting with bones
  • Making beads from bone
  • Making a talisman
  • Death as a friend
  • Honoring the dead
  • Ceremony with the bones

start: Friday evening 17h
end: Sunday afternoon

DATES 2020

  • 25 – 27 September,
  • October 9-11,
  • November 20-22,
  • December 4-6,

DATES 2021

  • January 15-17,
  • February 5-7,
  • March 12-14,
  • April 10-12,
  • May 14-16,
  • June 11-13,
  • July 9-11

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meals & materials


  • Extra material for home, e.g. extra skins for tanning or other types of materials
  • Travel costs to and from the course location
  • Travel costs to and from the expedition


16 (after interview and approval)



40 days