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In 2022 we will give a shortened version of a very special course: 4 seasons of game. A course that has been in high demand. In 2 seasons we will spend a full weekend processing game and meat.

All the animals we work with are not specially shot for us, but they are animals that are already being hunted by us only being bought up.
We pay a lot of attention to the life of the animal and to all parts of the animal that are now often discarded but which are beautiful to use. Bones, tendons, skin and brain are all valuable materials that you can make the most beautiful products from.
Of course, many people only learn what meat looks like in a store. With wild meat, each animal species has a different color, smell and taste and a unique texture. This meat is pure and not injected with water nor artificially colored.

Both weekends we will also cook and prepare the game in all kinds of ways. The first day we end with a supper in which we also prepare the products that are less common, such as the legs of a wild boar. We want you to experience that these meat products are also valuable food and we waste nothing.
During the course there are instructors, assistants and cooks who guide everyone through the process. In addition, there will be several guest teachers, from hunters and ex-poachers to butchers and edible plant experts. We pay attention to modern and primitive techniques.

Weekend 1: The Wild Boar

This weekend will be about the wild boar. We will teach you about its way of life and behavior and will also try to observe the animal in the evening hours. Of course we will go into the processing and preparation of the animal.

Weekend 2: Small game & roe deer

Rabbit, hare, roe deer, the animals you see most in the pasture or forest edge. The lean meat, yet the most popular and well-known animals. They too will be discussed!

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  • Boar: 19-20/03/2022
  • Roe deer: 30/04-01/05/2022

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525,- Boar & Roe deer

395,- Boar only

395,- Only Roe


dinner day 1 (we ask you to bring your own lunch for the first day)- breakfast & lunch day 2 ; necessary game, possibility of overnight stay, conviviality and campfire.

The lesson times are on the first day from 9.30 to the evening meal. In the evening there is another evening program in which, for example, an expert tells his story. The maximum end time on the first day is 22.00 hours, the second day we will stop no later than 18.00.


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