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Meet Team Living by Nature who are there to transform every contact into an unforgettable experience.

All passionate professionals who always ensure that you can get the most out of yourself.

This team teaches you to be outside again! When we go for a walk, we see and learn where which plants grow, useful for when you need them! We hear the alarm call of birds, who have seen us and then warn the other animals. We see a deer fleeing that also heard the bird. We’ll notice the changes in the air and learn to determine a change of weather We’ll notice the fallen tree, determine it’s species and realise it’s use. Is there anything for us now? Maybe we can use the fibres to make rope or strings. A completely different experience from your regular stroll. A trully valuable experience!

Thijmen Apswoude
Thijmen ApswoudeOwner and Head Instructor
Katrien Leemen
Katrien LeemenCEO
Willow Lohr
Willow LohrHead Instructor and Course Coordinator
Jesper Hede
Jesper HedeHead Instructor Denmark
Jens Nybro
Jens NybroHead Instructor Denmark
Morten Kutschera
Morten KutscheraGueat Instructor
Steven le Say
Steven le SayGueat Instructor
Anna Luijten
Anna LuijtenInstructor
Stefan Sand
Stefan SandInstructor
Rick van der Velde
Rick van der VeldeAspirant-instructor
Gijs Staghouwer
Gijs StaghouwerHead Assistant
Casper Mittendorp
Casper MittendorpHead Assistant
Joey Groot Bramel
Joey Groot BramelHead Assistant
Marly van Brussel
Marly van BrusselAssistant
Marco Boere
Marco BoereLogistics - ICT - TCB

But with a Living by Nature view you will also experience, hear and see more.
We teach you to see, feel and understand the coherence so that you become part of the whole. We are nature! Whether we’re between walls or not, we’re part of a larger cycle. And the more you learn and experience about it, the better you will feel even when you ‘have to’ do other things.

Respect for nature and specifically for animals and what we ‘take’ is therefore incredibly important. In fact, we notice to everyone who becomes Living by Nature that this goes all natural. The more you become a part of nature, the more passionate you become and the more careful you are with everything that is there. We don’t do anything just like that, everything has or gets a function, everything has a purpose.