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Seasons playing a major role in Living by Nature seems very logical. Combining this with expectations makes a lot less sense.

Living in a time of “anything ordered before 23:59 is delivered tomorrow” we sometimes easily forget that nature has its own rhythm. Still based on structure but a lot less on tightness. As I write this on 1-1-2022 it is 13 °C outside, a difficult temperature if you had ice fishing on your program today. Even at @Willow, on the Arctic Plateau, the temperature gauge now shows about 11°C.

Is this a coincidence or are the seasons changing slowly? Do we need to adjust our schedule or is this a reminder that we need to learn to stay flexible?

How do you prepare for, for example the final edition of The Year Course? The berries you thought you could eat are not yet ripe, perhaps even overripe. But the fish bite like never before.

But also on simpler tasks such as moving a few cubic meters of firewood? Earlier this week the ground was still frozen so we made time to get everything out of the forest / land. Stacking them now that the soil is a bit muddy is also fine. Do you have enough knowledge, flexibility and time to change the schedule and adapt to the capriciousness of the seasons?