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Terms and conditions

Behind the Scenes

Dear Participant,

From the moment you sign up for, for example, a course or training, we are working very hard to organize a beautiful course. We collect material from nature, make necessary purchases and consult with instructors and volunteers. Behind the scenes, we are constantly working to make every course an experience. Therefore, please read these general terms and conditions carefully so that no one can face unpleasant surprises.


Do you have questions, do you want more information about a course? Call or Whatsapp with Katrien on: +32 491 62 85 82 Or send a message to: . We are usually available by phone from Monday to Thursday between 10:00 and 18:00 CET. From Friday to Sunday we answer the phone if we can. Often courses are given so that we are not always able to respond. In addition, we can also be reached via social media channels.

Rates & Information

The rates and other information are listed per activity on the website and on Facebook. Sometimes we repeat messages or make a short call and not all details are listed. If you have any questions or just want to speak to someone by phone, you can.

Each activity indicates whether any additional costs apply. Think of an extra skin with a tanning course, because you have time left or want to continue at home. Or the purchase of used tools during the activity.

Sign up & Pay

When you have finally signed up for an activity, we will keep a place available for you. This includes: a registration with (payment) via our website or a completed registration form either digitally or on paper or an email stating that you are participating or registering for an activity.

In some cases, we will ask you to make a deposit for the activity of 10% of the total amount to reserve your spot.

The (remaining) costs of the activity must be paid no later than 1 month before the start of the activity. The payment term is also stated on the invoice you receive from us. If you don’t pay on time? Then you will receive a one-time additional term of 14 days to pay. If you do not pay on time, we will charge you the extrajudicial collection costs and the statutory interest.

Cooling-off period

If you are a private individual, you have a cooling-off period of 14 days after registering for an activity. The period starts after you have received the registration confirmation from us. Within this period you can cancel your registration free of charge and without giving any reason by sending us a letter or an e-mail about this. This is called the right of withdrawal.

If the activity starts within the cooling-off period, you can still cancel the activity after the start. In that case, we will only refund you the costs for the part of the activity in which you did not participate. You do not have a cooling-off period if the activity is completed within 14 days of registration.

After cancellation, you have 14 days to return any materials received. If any amounts already paid, we will refund you no later than 14 days after cancellation.


During a course you will be asked if this is to your liking. We do our utmost to meet everyone’s expectations of the course. If you miss parts, find something not clear or have a different point, we expect you to address us about this. The instructor will discuss and resolve this with you. If you do not indicate what you are missing during the course, we will not be able to change anything about the day afterwards. We do not return course fees when students have not spoken out during the course itself.

Sometimes we can’t resolve your complaint among ourselves. In the unlikely event that a legal conflict arises, this conflict must always be assessed on the basis of Dutch law. In the case of legal proceedings, the conflict must be submitted to the competent court in the district of Gelderland.


The instructors take everyone’s safety into account. In some courses, for example, a knife is used. The instructor ensures that you work safely for yourself and the environment. This also relates to material lying around, dealing with nature and others.
In case of a difference of opinion about a safety situation, the instructor by definition has the last word!

Living by Nature instructors have the right to steer a student away from the course in the event of misconduct or repeated failure to follow instructions, causing unsafe situations. A conversation between the student and instructor will follow later. Participation is at your own risk at all times. As a student, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. If you’re not entirely sure, ask questions! And tell the instructors how you feel.

Living by Nature’s instructors are not all employed by Living by Nature. Sometimes we engage external parties to take care of an activity. In these terms and conditions we call them ‘subcontractors’. Living by Nature, or one of the subcontractors, is not liable for damage or personal injury suffered as a result of participating in any of our activities, unless this damage is the direct result of a intent or gross negligence attributable to Living by Nature, or one of the subcontractors. You must also be adequately insured against the risk of the damage that you or a survivor may suffer as a result of death, injury or illness, caused by participation in one of the activities offered.

Living by Nature is not liable for any damage or personal injury suffered by third parties caused by any of the participants in the activities organized by Living by Nature. Unless this damage is the direct result of one intent or gross negligence attributable to Living by Nature, or one of the subcontractors.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation by Living by Nature

  • Living by Nature reserves the right to cancel the activity in the event of insufficient registrations. You will be informed about this no later than 7 days before the start. The money already paid will then be refunded in full by us. We will not reimburse any other costs you have incurred to participate in the activity, for example travel expenses. Living by Nature will, where possible, look for alternatives to the activity without obligation.

Opt out of an education

  • To keep your reservation free, we will charge 10% of the course amount. There will be no refund on this. Not sure you want to join us yet? Then indicate that you are interested. We can then inform you if the course is almost full.
  • If you unsubscribe less than 1 month in advance, we will charge 50 % of the total amount.
  • If you stop after the training has started, you will owe the full amount.

Opt out of a single course

  • If you decide not to participate less than 1 month in advance, we will charge 50% of the amount for the time and materials we invest.
  • If you unsubscribe 2 weeks or less before the course, we will charge the full amount

You can also choose to have someone participate in your place. You are then responsible for paying the full amount due, i.e. we invoice you. You are also responsible for transferring all relevant information to both the replacement participant and Living by Nature.

Force majeure

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that an activity cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, due to government measures, illness of personnel or weather conditions. Where possible, the activity will be moved to a different date. Your registration will automatically remain valid for the replacement date. Can’t you go on the new date? Then you will get the money already paid back from us in full. Can’t we move the activity? Even then, we will refund you the money already paid in full. We will not reimburse any other costs you have incurred to participate in the activity, for example travel expenses.

If due to force majeure we are forced to cancel an activity that has already started, you will only receive your money back over the cancelled part.

Changing these terms and conditions

We are authorized to change these terms and conditions. If we do, you will receive a copy of the latest version by e-mail as soon as possible. The latest version always applies.

version: 01-04-2021