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My name is Marc and I am currently following the annual course at Living By Nature. Unfortunately, the training is coming to an end, a few more weekends, and then we have to get ready with my tribe for the final expedition next year in September.

Looking back on the past year and the weekends we had classes, I can only be grateful. Grateful for everything the training has already given me, grateful that I have been able to be taught by such a fantastic team and grateful for all the beautiful people I have met.

Thijmen’s words on the introduction day still go through my mind: ‘dear people, you are going to keep friends from this training’. Thijmen’s words have come true for me, I have made friends for life.

The crafts we have been taught have taught me the real value for stuff. If you have worked all day on a Saami pouch or hours on a spoon or boat needle, these are things that have value. Your energy and dedication is in it and that gives so much appreciation for what you have made. It is in stark contrast to how we value things in our current society.

The Corona crisis, which we are all in, has shown me another side of Living By Nature, taught me another lesson. Nature doesn’t give what you expect to get, but cherishes what it does give you. Due to all the measures, weekends did not go through, there was a lot of uncertainty about whether or not to continue. After bale moments because another weekend was cancelled, the big surprise was how Living By Nature solved this for the students. Extra catch-up days were offered to make up for all missed lessons. By that I mean that there were catch-up weekends, but also 11 extra days of lessons. Which organization does this for its customers?

We didn’t get what we expected, we got more than we expected. I cherish that and I am grateful for that.

Thank you team Living By Nature for this great year.