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33 days of complete immersion in everything you want to know about life in and with nature! Together with the 2-week expedition abroad, makes 51 days in nature with lessons, skills to learn and discover. Of these, the craft week and the expedition are completely optional. Are you going on our adventure?

You get a complete package of courses with everything, but also everything! This way you get to know nature in all seasons you learn to work with various types of tools. You will learn about about fire, tinder, woods, trees, leather tanning, food, animal tracks and much more. On top of that, you get a full week in which you will fully immerse yourself in all kinds of crafts and native skills, such as working with bone, antlers, tendon, flint etc. Because of the design of this annual training, you and your fellow students form a Tribe. In the evening you can continue working on your projects by the campfire. As a highlight, we organize an expedition abroad in which all the skills and items made come in handy.

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