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‘Faith in Nature’ is a course in which Nature occupies a central place between heart and soul. It is a journey in which you practice and learn ‘old knowledge’, such as nature skills, rituals, dealing with elements, hand crafts, traditional ways to maintain your own balance, find peace. You will create a toolkit with your own personal shaman tools that preserve your spiritual skills and mental resilience.

The reason why this ancient knowledge and skills are so important is that we are the first people to live in concrete and man-made structures, cut off from nature. In addition, hardly anyone is rooted in traditions that support and feed in the field of religion, faith, spiritual exercises, ceremonies, magic, stories, songs or legends.

Science and technology are the new gods. And they are valuable and give us knowledge and many answers. But science can’t heal a broken heart, soothe grief, calm your soul, or show you the path you can walk. It cannot connect you to the web of life, make you resilient or connect with the world of animals. Nature can do this, effortlessly….. through the ancient ways that connect your heart and soul with nature.

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