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Making leather 100% natural, without chemicals.

People have been wearing clothes since we were around. In addition to plant materials, buckskin is one of the oldest inventions to protect the body from external influences. Buckskin is made from animal skins and generally Living by Nature works with skins of deer, roe deer and fallow deer.

Buckskin has been widely and long-term used worldwide. Native Americans are known for it. The various tribes made a real work of art out of their outfit. Today it is still worn by the Inuit and the Sami. Buckskin is impenetrable to thorns, nettles, etc. and while hunting it makes no noise. These are all advantages of this strong material. Bags, bags, carrying systems and many other things were also made of them.

Processing fresh skin into buckskin is an intensive task. We go through the whole process, from scraping the skin to the final step: smoking the softened skin.

Once your skin is finished, the leather is extremely strong, soft and breathable. Properties that modern textiles cannot match.

You’re going home with skin that’s ready.