In this course you will learn a lot about how you can live in nature. And you are also going to apply this knowledge to the fullest.

We’ll teach you how to make fire with flint and steel and the bow dril. But first, you need to know where to get highly flammable tinder material from, even if it’s rained.

We introduce you to the animal world around us: tracks, smells and sounds. You will notice that your senses become more open to the nature around you. Our ancestors did not know any better and used this skill to collect edible plants and obtain animals. During this course you will experience this during an edible plant tour where we may also see roe deer. One of our instructors also takes a deer and shows you how to skin and de-bone it in the forest. In the evening we eat game or vegetarian, prepared over the fire.

The three days will fly by and you will go home with a lot of knowledge and experiences, but you will also get a free hand forged fire battle from us.

This course is not only intended for beginners in bushcraft, even if you are more expirienced you will also learn a lot.

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