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10 days “Living on the Frontier” in Sweden. Although the era of “The Frontier” occupies a relatively short period of history, the spirit of the time has left a lasting legacy. The 1800s were an incredible time of exploration, mass migration and settlement. It’s the time of the great gold rush, mountain men and fur hunters. There was not only an abundance of ancestral and indigenous knowledge that was traded and passed on. But there were also new skills and skills that evolved. Which made camp life more comfortable and enjoyable. During this time, thousands of men, women and children left their homes and cities in search of a new life, country and adventure.

This makes it both an immersive and unforgettable period. It is easy to conjure up images of pioneers on the wagon path, who travel immeasurable distances. In search of gold, land, freedom and a better life. But we rarely think about how these pioneers managed to start a new life in the wilderness of an unknown country. It must have been a daunting, exciting, creative, unpredictable and incredibly resourceful period. This bold and unique moment in time, between pioneering and settlements, is where “Living on the Frontier” takes you.

At the Frontier, all the skills, innovations, ingenuity and handicraft skills of individual men and women came to the fore. In their attempt to settle and survive, they lived in tents, tried to build huts, prepare land, cut wood, dig wells for water,… All with just the tools they brought and the skills they possessed. This period took camp skills to a new level. The pioneers lived in semi-permanent camps that testified to remarkable ingenuity.

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