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Parent-Child Year Course 2021-2022

Childhood memories will stay with you throughout your life. In our childhood, we shape our future capabilities, resilience, ambitions and ability to build relationships. One of the most valuable and profound relationships that we as humans can enter into is with Nature.

Nature is a school like no other, which gives us knowledge, health, insights, entertainment, peace, inspiration and life lessons throughout our lives. In the past, an ingenious connection with Nature was self-evident. Now we have to rediscover that. A deep relationship with knowledge and appreciation for Nature is what this course offers. But not just for adults. This course is written specifically for Children with their Parents, for a Family, so that together they build up a wealth of knowledge, experiences and memories and enjoy the outdoors together.

Our Parent and Child year course is about spending ‘quality time’ with your child in Nature. For ten months you will experience all kinds of outdoor adventures together. Playfully, but at the same time very seriously, you will learn about the animals and plants in the forest, the meadow, the dunes or on the heath. You will learn how to experience and use Nature. Which plants taste good or not. How to make a strong cabin, big enough for the whole family to sleep in. Or how to cut wood to make tools and beautiful things, braid rope from nettles and how to make fire without a lighter or matches. In short, you will be introduced to real traditional bushcraft techniques, old crafts and the Living by Nature philosophy.

The level of this course is aimed at children from 7 to 14 years old, but that does not mean that it is ‘boring’ or ‘childish’ for the adults. on the contrary! Our experience is that adults are just as surprised, exuberant and delighted with this course! Time and time again we hear from the adults: “Oh! I didn’t know that either!” The strength of this course lies not only in the content and topics but especially in the joint learning of skills and traditional survival techniques.

Everyone learns:

  • Make fire without matches or lighters
  • The right way to make fire for cooking, heat or light
  • ‘Take’ fire from one place to another
  • Good and bad firewood to distinguish, over tinder and kindling.
  • The ‘leave no trace’ principle
  • Knife safety, maintenance and grinding
  • Woodcutting and creating your own tools
  • Build a strong rainproof hut
  • Knots to be laid and a bridge or ladder to be built
  • Making rope from plant fibers
  • Skinning and boning a goose
  • Cooking on campfire and baking bread
  • Recognizing and sneaking animal tracks
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Fishing with primitive methods
  • Clay pottery
  • Braid baskets
  • Tanning animal or fish skins
  • Sewing tinder bag
  • Wool felting
  • Recognizing trees and plants
  • Finding food, medicine and herbs in Nature
  • Making ointments
  • Find water and make it safe to drink
  • Cutting/burning your own spoon
  • Create torches and grease lights
  • Making whistles and other musical instruments
  • Ancient cave art with earth pigments
  • Listening, watching and cloaking like a hunter
  • Natural and better handling of Nature
  • Feeling completely at home in every forest.

In the evening, when you are in a circle around the campfire, you can listen to an old fable or traditional fairy tale before crawling into your warm sleeping bag.

Every weekend starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon. All lessons consist of full-fledged themes and contain serious topics that are learned in a surprising, playful and interactive way. Meals and materials are included in the price. The course consists of 9 weekends.

In summer we end this adventurous year with a fantastic week in unspoilt Nature abroad: your mini-expedition! During this week in the wilderness you can apply, try and experience everything you have learned. You can participate in an activity, game, lesson or tour every day. Fun and adventure assured!

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The programme will start in September 2021

Dates 2021

  • September 24-26
  • October 22-24
  • November 19-21

Dates 2022

  • February 18-20
  • March 18-20
  • April 22-24
  • May 20-22
  • June 17-19
  • July 1-3


  • July 25-31

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1 parent and 1 child: 3000 euros

1 parent and 2 children: 4000 euros

1 parent and 3 children: 5000 euros

For 2nd adult extra: 2000 euros


Included: overnight stays during lesson weekends, meals, materials during lessons, VAT


the travel costs to/ from the mini-expedition, any additional materials for homework


7-14 years – Are your children younger or older than 7-14 years? Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.


Lesson weekends:




Mini expedition

Location and country will be announced during the training (possibilities Scandinavia, Scotland,…)