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The parent and child weekend.

Throughout the week we are kept busy by daily life. School, work, education, sports, hobbies, social media, you name it. The Parent and Child weekend sends you into the woods. Although we go along to direct the activities, the interaction between the parent and the child is key.

Living by Nature creates an ambiance that is far removed from the weekly pattern.
This Parent and Child weekend is about the cooperation between parent and child. Make your own fire, build a hut that you will sleep in, use a real outdoor knife, and many more bushcraft techniques. All tasks are executed together. The result is having fun. We know from our own experience that this will create an experience you will enjoy and look back upon for the rest of your life.

The challenge is to really experience nature and to be involved with each other in a, often unprecedented way. This is all situated in a beautiful woodland location in the Netherlands. Sleeping in the hut you made, hearing sounds of nature active at night. Owls, mice, foxes, badgers, rustling leaves. They’re all in. Really ‘back to basic’!

In addition to some equipment that we ask you to bring, Living by Nature takes care of the 3-star ‘forest hotel’. All meals, snacks, water, coffee and tea are provided.

The Parent and Child weekend invites fathers, as well as mothers, sons and daughters. All combinations are possible. The listed price is for a parent and a child. (2 people), If you want to come with several couples, this is possible. Both even and odd numbers. The price is then adjusted proportionally.

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08 – 10 April 2022 >
08th – 10th July 2022 >
30 September – 2 October 2022 >
featured parts of the course
– Making fire
– Flint & Steel
– Tinder
– Accommodation
– Outdoor cooking
– Plant walk
– Purifying water
– Knife safety
– Cutting techniques
– Skinning and boning
€299,- (for 1 parent and 1 child) extra person €149,50

All meals, snacks, water, coffee and tea are provided.

Travel costs from/to location
8 couples
6 to 12 (Younger or Older in consultation)

3 days

Everyone is welcome on Friday from 15:00 – program starts at 17:00