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Needle felting in the woods.

Needle felting and picking out and preparing the wool, that’s what you learn during this workshop given by head instructor Willow Lohr.

Wool is warm, durable and very versatile. Wool can be felted, spinning, knitted, crocheted, and weeded. From there you can make all kinds of clothes, blankets, bags and footwear.

Wool has so many fantastic properties that our ancestors domesticated the wild sheep, the Moeflon, just for the wool.

But wool is also beautiful, and surprising; you can ‘draw’ and ‘paint’ with it, and even make figures with it!

At this workshop you will learn to deal with wool beautifully and creatively. You will learn the techniques of needle felting and with it a beautiful bunch of animal ‘sculpting’ with wool. Is that really possible?? Yes! You can make a bird, forest mouse or owl.

But you will also learn how to ‘draw’ a ‘painting’.

You will learn which wool types are suitable, how and where you can get fresh wool, how to wash, comb and prepare a coat, and much more.

After the workshop you can create beautiful animals yourself, because for sure, this will be your new hobby!!

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students. All materials are included, but if you want to use your own wool, you can bring it with you.


June 10, 2021

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Price: €100

All materials are included in the price. Tea/coffee and fruit are provided.



transport to and from the course location


This course is given in a forest. All sanitary facilities are Bushcraft style.

Please take with you; warm clothes, sitmat, cup.




10:00 – 17:00

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We gather and meet at 9:45 in the parking lot of De Rosse, Blankenadijk 2, 7437 PP Bathmen.