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Living by Nature: Teaching method; how we work
Theory and Practice

Our lessons contain a combination of theory and practical experience. In doing so, we set a high standard. We explain a theory, then you get to work yourself. We encourage all our participants to practice as much as possible. Only then can you really start to master the techniquest. With a just a few tries you don’t comprehend the techniques yet.
Long term

Our activities are long-term. The skills you need for a long stay in nature. We focus on making clothes from buckskin. Making a primitive carrying system and, for example, drying meat so that you can also use this for later moments.
Psychological aspects

We pay attention to the psychological aspects that people can encounter. Imagine that you suddenly eat differently, which has consequences on how you feel and react. We monitor the state of everyone and are always present for a personal story.

Within the lessons, all starting points are discussed in detail.

There are a number of principles that are woven into our philosophy as a basis.
Part of it is the whole

If you want to know something about one topic, you also need to want to delve into other topics. If you want to learn something about making fire, you need to delve into wood, in tinder but also in the influence of wind or the ground on which you are going build your fire. For example, everything is a cycle and there is actually no beginning of one subject or end of another. That’s part of the whole thing.
Everything has a function

When we take something from nature, we use as much as possible. If you do pick a plant, what can you do with all the parts? Or when you kill an animal, we use skin, feathers, bones, tendons, nails.
Sustainable use

We use everything we need sustainably. We do not take more than necessary and spread over an area so that we do as little damage as possible to the environment. Moreover, we know that we can then return to that place at a later time because something grows or lives there that we can use.

Outside, in the forest in nature we are part of the environment. That means we keep the peace and guard it. If you want to ask something, you don’t shout through the woods, you walk up to that person. In this way you also learn to observe more and listen to nature. If you become part of nature, nature becomes a part of you.

We think it is important that everything is handled with respect. Especially with working with animal material. An animal has given its life and we eat from it. We love humor but deal seriously with the important parts.
Thinking ahead

If you want to live in nature for a long time, you have to think ahead. Food drying for the winter. Take into account change of environment, stocks. Materials you need to dry, prepare or prepare.

Good perception is essential. Maybe you’ll take a walk and look for edible plants. Only if you come across perfect tinder material then you take that with you! Don’t wait until you suddenly need tinder and should go out separately. Use as much of your energy efficiently as possible.

This is perhaps one of the most important elements. Humans are group animals. Collaboration is necessary to survive. A good example is the fire guard. When you sleep together in a shelter and have a fire burning, there is in turn 1 person who keeps watch. This way you keep the fire on, it stays warm and you also have direct fire the next day. A responsible and beautiful task. Teamwork also means communicating and speaking out. If you suffer from your knee or headache, someone else can only take you into account when communicating well and clearly.
Our offer

We transfer our Living by Nature philosophy, method and knowledge in different ways.
You can take individual courses of one or more days. With a collection of Courses and modules, you can gradually expand your knowledge and experience to the level at which Living by Nature gets into your blood. We offer an annual training with which you gain in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas. We also have activities for parents with children.

Where we teach you the basics of Living by Nature or deepen it further.

You will learn all kinds of practical skills and knowledge about a specific subject

You learn all topics step by step in a fixed group of students, so that you learn quickly and practice a lot with everything,
Parent and child activities

Children are welcome and we offer various activities where the focus is on a joint activity. Special to experience both for children a cool experience and also for parents a beautiful way to deepen the relationship with your son or daughter. You will find them under both the courses and the workshops