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In this 2-day masterclass bow-drill you will learn what is important when making and above all using the bow-drill.

This masterclass is suitable for anyone who really wants to delve into the bow-drill. Whether you are just coming to look and are startled by the terms used below. Or that you think, “Yes Thijmen you can say that now but…” Welcome. Maybe during this masterclass you will immediately turn your first coal!


We all know the tables that show which type of wood works best on which type of wood. But what if these can’t be found nearby? And what material do you use for the bow now? What do you also use for the hand block? Not to mention: the material of the bow-string. And certainly also: why is the shape of that notch so important? What can I learn from the sound the spindle makes? What can I learn from what I see while spinning?

The skill of fire through friction, in this case with the bow-drill. Requires knowledge, experience and practice. After all, it is a skill that involves a lot. In addition to the above, you should therefore also take into account humidity, but also the ambient temperature, think of the wind and air flows or finding dry wood? You will also learn about the different postures and techniques that you can use.

Don’t forget the sequel. Do you know where to find tinder and how to prepare it by species? When you already know all this, you still don’t have a fire. How are you going to get everything ready before you start and how do you build it up? All factors that influence the process.


It is a skill that is often transferred from parent to child. Which takes years of practice and dealing with many changeable circumstances. This is exactly what Thijmen Apswoude has been doing since his young childhood. Experimentation, staying curious, asking questions, researching and above all experiencing. And thus gain a large amount of knowledge. And he would like to share this knowledge with you again.

Since the ages of 18, Thijmenhas shared his knowledge of life in nature with his students with great passion and skill. He focuses on teaching and passing on the old crafts and shows people the benefits of the old customs, methods and skills. Making fire was once a skill that was often a matter of life or death. Even though this is rarely the case now, making your own fire remains a fantastic experience.

31-07 until 01-08 Bathmen (Netherlands) BOOK NOW >
07-08 until 08-08 Ename (Belgium) BOOK NOW >
€ 150,-

Coffee and tea

A piece of forest to set up your tent/tarp/hammock/shelter for the night.

Bushcraft sanitation.



Transportation to and from the location


31-07 until 01-08 Bathmen (Netherlands)

07-08 until 08-08 Ename (Belgium)


Saturday 10:00 to Sunday 15:00