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The Living by Nature 2022 Year Course Denmark is entirely provided by Bushcraft Danmark. All registrations are therefore done via their site.

The Living by Nature 2022 Year Course Denmark contains many days full of inspiration, knowledge and practical experiences. They offer 11 weekends or midweek courses from 3 days, Monday to Wednesday or Friday to Sunday. Plus two full weeks in which you develop all kinds of crafts. And finally, you’re going on a two-week expedition to live in a Neolithic environment.

You see and observe nature all year round and learn to work with different types of tools, both modern and old. The instructors have a lot of experience and are skilled at sharing their knowledge. They use our own Living by Nature philosophy. They teach you how to be in nature for longer periods of time.

The aim of the Year Course Denmark is to be confident, self-aware and aware in nature. The difference from a survival perspective is that survival focuses on getting out of nature as quickly as possible, also with the help of modern equipment. The ultimate goal for each student is to create your own Neolithic gear, including clothing, a travel basket, a blanket, and other things you’ll use on the last expedition.

The Living by Nature 2022 Year Course Denmark is given in both the Danish and English languages in the inspiring environment of Jyderup  Denmark.

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Jyderup, Zealand, Denmark