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Instructors Course 2022

In recent years, an increasing number of students have completed our annual training and achieved a solid level in primitive (life) skills. Students often want to continue with this afterwards towards a professional career in wilderness life skills.

We meet this with a very targeted training, the INSTRUCTOR COURSE. The course lasts one year and every month you get and give (!) 3 days of substantive and practical workshops. A first aid course, with a diploma, is included. The training is aimed at promoting your personal development in teaching outdoor skills.

This programme was already successfully completed by a group of students in 2019. The vast majority of them subsequently found a job in the outdoors, started their own business or got a better position within their work,….

The programme is unique in its kind and contains both practical and academic elements. Improving hand but also teaching skills, increasing general knowledge and delving deeper into philosophical approaches are all proportionally present in the training.

Every month you will perform a lesson you have prepared, become more proficient in your hand skills, participate in the practical organization and management of an outdoor camp and improve your ‘people skills’. In addition, you are expected to write monthly reports and also read important pieces. Your progress process will be individually monitored and assessed monthly. Your exam assignment will include: writing a workshop of your choice and giving it to an audience. You will also deliver a dissertation on a self-chosen subject, about your specialty.

We have written this instructor course with our own (learning) experience and wishes in mind. In such a way that we would have wanted to participate in it ourselves, it had existed. Our intention is to go high, wide and deep, to create excellent, free-thinking and well-founded instructors who are ready to strengthen an existing organization or to set up a business themselves.

To participate, you must have completed our annual training or a comparative training, as well as understanding the amount of dedication and ambition you need for this training.

You will further deepen and safeguard the techniques and knowledge you have already gained (with us) through self-study and what you receive from your fellow students. Think of practical skills such as

  • Working with tools, carving projects, techniques, grinding
  • Fire, bow drill, fire build-up, tinder, amadou, sparks, feathersticks
  • Shelters, knots,
  • Preparing game, tendon, bones and hooves
  • Natural rope, roots, resin and glue
  • Tracking, wild plants and trees
  • Felting, sewing buckskin clothing

In order to be able to provide lessons with confidence and self-assured, you will learn as an addition:

– the camp behind the scenes:

  • Setting up the camp and determining the location
  • Hospitality and health in a camp
  • How to deal with safety and make a risk assessment
  • Cooking and meal care
  • Working with staff and a team
  • Taking care of materials and logistics

-teaching skills:

  • How to prepare lessons and materials
  • Knowledge of different teaching methods
  • Understanding different learning forms
  • Group dynamics, energy and emotions
  • New teaching ideas and creativity
  • Planning and setting up workshops for youth and children
  • Using and reading body language, voice skills

-personal skills and knowledge

  • Developing self-confidence, resilience and creativity
  • Obtaining a first aid diploma
  • Understanding and developing a broad knowledge
  • Traditional knowledge, legends, psychology and philosophy
  • Your interest and specialties
  • How to guard your reputation and credibility
  • Importance of trust and truth
  • What are the golden rules

When you have successfully completed the course, you will receive your course folder in which all your assessed written and given lessons, your drafting and presentations are bundled. You will also receive a certificate from us, on which your achievements and merits are stated.

The instructor training will start in February 2022 and costs €4500,-.

A maximum of 12 people can participate in the training. You can register by sending your interest via email to All applications must be received by 30 September 2021.

More information about an information evening later in the year will follow.



  • February 11-12-13
  • March 11-12-13
  • April 8-9-10
  • May 3-4-5-6-7-8
  • June 10-11-12
  • July 8-9-10
  • August 12-13-14
  • September 9-10-11
  • October 7-8-9
  • November 11-12-13

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The price includes: the statutory VAT, the meals during the course days and the materials during the course.


  • extra material for home, for example extra skins for tanning or other types of materials.
  • Travel costs to and from the expedition
  • Food during the craft days


16 (subject to interview and/or approval)


33 days