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A masterclass dream catcher. We’ve all been inside way too long. It was hard to stay motivated and even harder to be creative. But finally we can meet again outside, in the forest, and speak to each other in person. We can sit around the campfire again and share old skills with you that simply cannot be learned online. We can’t wait!!

And so, to celebrate this long-awaited freedom, Living by Nature offers you two very special 1-day Spring masterclasses with Willow at a very low price. Just because we can, and especially because we want to celebrate the beginning of spring with you!

In this (second) masterclass you will learn how to weave a traditional and meaningful dream catcher. You will learn about the tradition, tradition and origin of the dream catcher and use real bones, beautiful beads and special feathers to create your personal woven dream catcher. The dream catcher is not only a beautiful and decorative object, but is above all a profound and sacred tool. The deep symbolism and layers of meaning make weaving the web a rich personal journey. You then have the difficult choice to keep or give away your dream catcher…….

Maybe it is even nice to combine this masterclass with the masterclass Saami Coffee Pouch from the day before?

If you want, you can sleep over. Please note, all we can offer you is a piece of land in our forest as a camping spot. This option is only possible if you book both masterclasses. Unfortunately, it is not possible to come earlier or stay longer.


April 14th, 2021

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Price: €100

All materials are included in the price. Tea/coffee and fruit are provided.



transport to and from the course location


This course is given in a forest. All sanitary facilities are Bushcraft style.

Please bring; warm clothing, sitmat, cup, special beads/ feathers / objects that you may want to include in the dream catcher.




10:00 – 17:00