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Animal tracks

Seeing, following and/or interpreting animal tracks is not a magical art; It’s something you can learn. Once you can recognize and interpret the footprints, or prints, of animals, you will start seeing and finding them everywhere. In this way, the ‘invisible’ lives of animals are revealed all around you. Suddenly you become more aware of other ‘signs and sounds’ of these animals. As a result, you are often only one step away from those animals. So that you can now also view or photograph them in real life.

During this in-depth workshop you will not only learn to recognize footprints of animals. You will also learn how to distinguish between a right or left foot, a front or hind leg. We are going to show you real animal feet and give you many detailed tips to help you on the path of tracking.

Willow will bring her famous Death Box with bones, skulls, fur, feathers and teeth to create a deeper understanding with which you can capture your knowledge. Animals leave many more traces than just the aforementioned prints. Of course we will also look for real prints and prints. Who knows what we’re going to find?!

Willow has top-level international tracking certificates and is professionally trained by some of the world’s best trackers.

Everyone is welcome. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about tracks and animals in general. Bring a notebook and pen/pencil. We also recommend taking photos. You will learn a lot of knowledge and fantastic facts!



Price: €100

All materials are included in the price. Tea/coffee and fruit are provided.



transport to and from the course location


This course is given in a forest. All sanitary facilities are Bushcraft style.

Please take with you; warm clothes, sitmat, cup.




10:00 – 17:00

Watch it!

We gather and meet at 9:45 in the parking lot of De Rosse, Blankenadijk 2, 7437 PP Bathmen.